It’s time to go on VACATION mode!

Ladies (and gentlemen too)… this is probably the most excited thing to happen on Poshmark this year!

We now have….



Yes! It’s finally here! No longer do you have to make a post, tell your friends, and risk low feedback for shipping time. You can actually set ALL of your listing to “NOT FOR SALE” all at once!

Let me walk you through the process…


Go to “Poshmark Support Center” in your dashboard




Select “vacation Hold” setting




Side swipe the button to put closet on hold…



You can choose automatic hold dates!

(You must select dates)



You get to choose dates on a helpful calendar







(I wish!)

All of my listings are now marked as “NOT FOR SALE”



Don’t worry, you can cancel at any time!


Even if you are on Vacation Hold Mode, shoppers can still like, share, and comment!

There are soooo many beneficial ways to use this feature…

No longer when you feel burned out do you have to be dramatic and put up a “CLOSET CLOSING” post!

Let’s be honest, you know you will be back next week…

Just put your closet on vacation mode until you get ready to sell again!

Also, this is a great tool if you are planning a closet overhaul and you want to stage a GRAND OPENING, you can make everything available all at once!

I think we should all take a vacation to celebrate, don’t you?

Tell us how you plan to use the new feature!




15 thoughts on “It’s time to go on VACATION mode!

  1. O.M.G
    This is literally amazing. I’m really embarrassed to admit that I didn’t go on a business trip with my husband earlier this year PARTLY because I didn’t want to have to mark 1,000 items NFS or worry about a bad shipping rating. This is great! I knew Posh must’ve had some awesome things happening on the horizon after their boys and babies addition. Lol. thanks Elle for posting! Xoxo

  2. This is awesome news! I happen to be going on vacation this weekend and I wasn’t sure wheather I was going to mark all items NFS or just leave up and try to Posh anyway. I hadn’t run into this problem yet. I suppose this is a sign I shoulf test drive this feature come the weekend! Great post!

  3. This is a great feature, it’s so time consuming to mark every item not for sale. Thanks so much for another great post.😄

  4. But does it actually tell your customers that you’re on vacation? If I went into a closet and saw that all the pieces were not for sale, I would get really discouraged and never return to that closet again.

    1. Hi Christine! I do not see that it makes that announcement for you- so a Post explaining the closure would be a good idea if you want to clarify for your shoppers. Great call out!

  5. This is so exciting!

    I recently went on vacation for 10 days and put an “out of office” post that I kept at the top of my closet. I didn’t mark any of my items not for sale, and only checked the app once or twice a day to answer any comments or accept offers. I ended up doing over 20+ sales the entire week – I was shocked, especially because I was barely sharing or doing any activity! I tagged each buyer in my OOO post and let them know when I would be able to ship, and gave them the option to cancel if they wanted – only 1 buyer did, because she wanted the shirt for that week.

    There is another week coming up soon when I know I’ll be unable to ship, and I’m trying to decide if I want to use the Vacation feature or not. Maybe, I would make another OOO post at the top and I could turn off my vacation mode if someone wanted to purchase? I would hate to miss out on a bunch of sales!

    However – for anyone who is actually normal and not a freak like me, the vacation button is awesome and really lets you go on vacation without stressing about keeping up with Posh.


    1. I believe that you can individually mark something “for sale” while in V-mode. But yes, like you, unless I will be gone a while I do not do anything and handle each on an individual basis 👍

  6. Oh wow…I have been after poshMark to do this forever because I travel quite a bit…coincidentally I just got back from a three week trip then I came home for two days and left for three more days and now I’m home for a while. What a pain it was to Mark 600 listings as not for sale and then have to come home and mark them one by one for sale again. Often times posh Mark puts the cart before the horse in this was long overdue especially once he started offering people to sell retail. I saw one other sites in this feature has been available. I’m just saying that when they did all the updates for retail which were greatly appreciated as I am a retailer they should’ve added this and at that time. Oh well finally glad it’s here for future use

  7. I happened to stumble across someone’s closet that was on vacation, and there is an alert on the bottom stating they’re on vacation until such date. So the vacation post isn’t necessarily necessary anymore but probably still not a bad idea.

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