Time to Start Poshmark Planning!

Poshmark Planning

It’s Time to Start Planning…

I may be alone in this, but as a child, I absolutely loved back to school shopping. Not necessarily the back to school part, but the gathering of new school supplies.  I took such careful time to arrange the pencils, pens, erasers, and sharpeners in my new pencil box. It brought such excitement in my heart to carefully insert fresh paper in a binder and plan the organization of future papers between the subject dividers.

Some of you have just mentally checked out and are closing this web page… but for the few who just enjoyed the memories and could almost smell the new box of crayons… Let’s continue!

Now as an adult, these feelings reemerge as we approach the New Year. The same excitement is kindled by a new journal that makes that paper crackle sound as it is opened for the first time, pages sticking together… It’s tearing that staticky cellophane off my new planner inserts for my Filofax… and even the overwhelming smell of plastic in the plastic tub aisle that holds the key to an organized home.

Are you with me on this?

I also might be one of those people who do Instagram hashtag searches for the words #organization #officesupplies #plannerobsessed just so I can spend an hour looking at, well, office supplies.

If this is you… you will be ecstatic to know that Target has now stocked their “Dollar Spot” with all the essentials! You know what I am talking about: sticky notes, decorative tape, desk supplies, note cards… and my favorite, CALENDARS!

If you have been waiting for the New Year to start tracking your Poshmark closet now is the time.

They have SEVERAL different kinds and styles, all ranging $1.00- $5.00 (you know they sneak in $3 and $5 options). I just use the basic $1 style because I like the simple (and larger) set up… also, this is my THIRD year tracking and I love that they are all the same. This makes me happy.

*** Please note: Michael’s craft store also has amazing planners. ANY planner will do!

You can read about how I have been tracking my sales for the past two years in the post Tracking Your Poshmark Sales

A few examples of the info I track if this is the first time you are hearing of this:

  • Daily Sales
  • Number of sales
  • Number of items sold
  • When I am listed as an SU
  • Sharing stats
  • Any promos in my closet or from Poshmark
  • Poshmark promos (closet clear out, other shipping discounts)


But why should you track closet stats?

You have a Factual Comparison

I like actual FACTS and not just feelings. When I feel like things are slow, I have often checked my records from last year only to realize that I am up in sales! It helps keep things in perspective. Sometimes my Posh friends will send me a message asking what was going on last year because they know I keep track.

You also can have an idea on how a month or season may trend.

If you have been tracking along with me this year- now is the really cool part- you get to have a year of records to compare yourself to!

This isn’t a new concept…

Retailers have 2 basic numbers they use to hold their stores accountable:

Comp Sales (comparing to last year)

Sales Goal (broken down daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

A sales goal can be higher than last years numbers and sometimes it can be lower. Why lower? Well, if you had a couple of huge bundles in August last year (or sold a designer handbag or shoes) – you might be discouraged if you try to beat those numbers this year. That’s why it is important to make notes about events like large sales, when you were on vacation, or if you did major markdowns during a “Closet Clear Out.”


Have a Master Plan

Do you have a Master Plan yet? If not, it’s time to get one.

A Master Plan can keep you focused and can help tune out the “noise”.

The NOISE I am defining as: a low rating, an abandoned bundle, low offers, and an occasional difficult issue.

If you have a goal in mind then it makes the tough times so much easier. Noise is a part of doing business. But that in itself is a discussion for another day…

If you want to read more about setting goals and creating a master plan, check out How to be a Success on Poshmark

Set Yourself Up

You can use any tracking system you like, it can be a calendar app, online calendar, or you can design and print your own. You might even prefer a wall calendar above your desk so you can have your information in front of you at all times. But seriously, I go in depth about my set up and what I track HERE.

If you like the calendar/planner I use it’s now available and it sells out pretty fast, but like I said- they have many styles to choose from and that’s just in the dollar section. I would love to see what you use… feel free to tag me on Instagram @theGrayAsparagus so I can see your amazing systems!



Have you been tracking your sales along with me the past year (or two)?

If so… what is the biggest thing you have learned from it?


Happy New Year!!















5 thoughts on “Time to Start Poshmark Planning!

  1. I need to bookmark this post! I joined in Feb of last year and I wish I had kept track of everything so I can compare to the new year. But I will for sure be tracking my stats this year! My closet has been pretty consistent (selling at least an item almost every day) and I’ve been noticing some trends, which is nice so I don’t have to work quite so hard. I will be keeping track right alongside you and thanks for your helpful posts!

  2. From a retired accountant, this is the Best information for all closets! Awesome content and phraseology! Love the “noise” inspiration! Exactly on point! I always look forward to your blog! Prayers for a blessed, prosperous and joyous New Year and, of course, Poshing Day!

  3. Awesome Elle. I’m still MENTALLY TRACKING my progress:(. Maybe it gives me something to do in-between posh sales..idk My sales are pretty consistent for the week, I track them weekly instead of daily so my goals are also weekly sales goals. So if I know I havent made the same or more than the week before, I make sure to drop prices faster and more often. I’m sure one day, I will need to make better plans so I’m keeping all this in mind above and hope to one day be a more organized butterfly like you:) Or, maybe I will be able to afford paying someone else to do…lol Wondering what your suggestions are for inventory tracking? I would love to be more diligent when tracking how much I paid for inventory vs what I’m selling for the week. Maybe a new blog post on that or direct me if you have already talked about it?:) Right now, I’m going to use what was mentioned at Poshfest 2016 for this and see how it works out and maybe do a blog post of my own. Take care. Always love your updates.

    Blog: http://www.sparklesassic.com
    Poshmark Closet: @shay3624

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