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I have a fascination with keeping records. I find value in recording stats in order to uncover patterns. I want to know the MOST EFFECTIVE way to do something so I can cut through the crap and accomplish things quickly and effectively. When it comes to Poshmark strategy, the way I do this is by keeping records of sales and my behaviors that may impact them. There are so many things you can track from self-sharing, time of day, who you share, what you share, price point, brands… I’m sure they have massive amounts of statistics at PMHQ (good grief- I would love to see their reports!!!) but I am going to focus on a simple few that I track and how I utilize this data.

First things first, I know we live in a world of technology… one where the techies of the world look down upon paper trails and don’t know what the word “filofax” means. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I am slightly obsessed with office supplies.

Well, sorry to disappoint some of you BUT, I use an old fashion calendar style planner to track my Poshmark closet.

There is nothing that thrills me more than buying a new planner and setting it up!

Side note: in my personal life I use a personal size Finsbury Filofax planner. I received it as a Christmas present two years ago and it was an organizational game changer!


For Poshmark tracking purposes, I use a more simplified version. For the past two years I have purchased them at Target in the “dollar spot.”


I choose to use a paper planner for the following reasons:

  • I can see all my data from a full month view
  • I love the satisfaction of highlighting with a marker
  • I quickly notice patterns by seeing the weeks lined up
  • If I cannot immediately see them, I will forget upcoming events

If you do opt for an electronic version- I recommend a Monthly view and not one you have to click on the day to view information/entries. For the aforementioned reasons of course.

There are certain things I log on a consistent basis. There are other things I track that can vary month to month depending on what I am researching or trying new…


Daily Tracking



I record the # of followers I have for that day- usually first thing in the morning.

  • Lets me know if more followers equal more sales (keep reading to find out if I think they do!)


If I have a sale that day, I highlight the calendar date (in a uniformed color- of course) so that at a glance I can easily see what days I have sold something.

  • This lets me know what days are popular in MY closet. Friday, right? This may be true for some users and maybe POSHMARK as a company… but in the month of March I made one sale out of all four Fridays!! Yet I made multiple sales every TUESDAY. If I did not track this and see it, I may just assume that Fridays are my day and not spend my time wisely on Tuesdays.

I write the # of items and the dollar amount minus Poshmark’s deduction (you can take it a step further and deduct what you paid but I do not go into that on this document). This is important as I figure out my month end totals.

At the end of the month, I calculate my dollar amount in sales, the number of sales I made, and the number of items. I compare month to month and my goal is to beat last year’s numbers. Simple calculations can let me know the average amount spent and average # of items purchased.

Suggested User Tracking:

As a Suggested User (you can read about the SU program here) I keep notes on the time of day I am listed and what “rank” I am listed.

Time and ranking make a huge difference- the golden hours are Sunday afternoons OR during an evening party. The closer to the top of the list you are- the more followers you will receive. If I am listed on a Sunday afternoon in the first slot- I can get upwards of 2500 new followers.


If you are struggling to catch your time on the SU rotation- you can always set your alerts to let you know when you get new followers. Do I whip out my calendar while I’m in line at Starbucks to record data? No. I take a quick screen shot of the list and record the info later when I can.



I will typically note a starting share total at the beginning of the month, sometimes I will set a goal if I am focusing on this number.

Sharing behaviors I track:

  • If I participate in a sales group
  • If I share my long share list
  • Any other significant sharing (i.e. host picks from a party)


Other stats worth noting:


  • If Poshmark is offering a shipping promo
  • If I am running a sale in my closet
  • Days that I do significant markdowns
  • If the sale I made was a straight out purchase or if I accepted an offer (this can help you determine if your pricing is too high or if a “make an offer” sale would be successful)
  • Days I add new listings
  • Other important notes: You may notice in the photos that I have noted to “email about hosting”… I jotted down when I could request to host again- exactly 3 months from my last hosting date







Questions I get asked most often about my closet trends:

(Please note: these are only facts that I have determined to be trends in my closet- your personal results will vary and I suggest tracking and observing your own closet to find out what is true for you)

  • Do more followers equal more sales? NO. Well, yes, sorta. But there are more important factors like WHAT you are selling, the brand, how often it’s being shared, the price, and your cover shot.

For instance, in March 2015 I ended the month with 93,000 followers. In March 2016, I reached 294,000 followers and only sold $145.00 more than last year. Like I always say, it’s not about how many followers you have, it’s about who is following you or if someone searching for what you have listed.

  • What IS the best day for sales? As I mentioned earlier, some of the most powerful knowledge you can have is what days you tend to sell the most- don’t just rely on what you hear- know for yourself!!!
  • What time of day is best for sales? I think anytime of the day you can get a sale! I am on the East Coast and share a lot between 5-6am. I do make sales sometimes during these hours! I get the early birds and the night owls depending on the time zones.
  • Do people shop more around the 1st and 15th (paydays)? I see no significant indications in my sales that they are driving factors. Lots of people get paid bi-weekly. Maybe Poshmark overall sees a surge, but not personally in my closet.


Some of you may have just decided that I am your Poshmark soul mate as you connected with my need for tracking and organizing.

Others of you might think that I need to get a life.


Bottom line: I track my sales so I can do more of what impacts my sales. Also, I research so I can present information on theGrayAsparagus that is not based on what I heard, what I read, but what I truly see as actions that can help.


Now it’s your turn! Tell me what you do to track your sales or if this has inspired you to start!


















26 thoughts on “Tracking Your Poshmark Sales

  1. I am the worst at tracking but I need to start. I am so curious to know my patterns so I can work smarter, not harder. thanks!

  2. Elle this is great info. I’m going to get a calendar. I need to track my sales and treat my closet more like the business its becoming. You are sooooo thorough. I love reading your blog. So much useful info.

  3. Thanks for the post always fun to read! I didn’t see a correlation with self shares and sakes, did you notice? Or did I miss it? Thanks again @zeldamc

  4. I have been waiting for this post since your last one about how you track sales – this is amazing. Buying a calendar tonight. I am huge nerd in that I love keeping track of data, analyzing trends, etc. I was always that girl in school who was so excited the first day of school for new notebooks, assignment book, pencils etc LOLOL.
    Great post as usual!
    Emma Lee

  5. Elle thank you so much for this post! I’m going by the store this afternoon to start my own records. As always, it’s a pleasure reading your posts!

  6. As a completely disorganized person trying to make a second income off my new obsession… I want to thank you for just saving my Poshmark Life! Or, atleast making it a whole lot more efficient. Seriously, though, this is so well thought out and helpful beyond belief for me. Thanks Elle! xoxo @emalabama

  7. Dang girl you’re like a machine!! I definitely have had most of these thoughts but I’ve never gotten around documenting them. You are too good at this!!


  8. Elle- you make me smile! I love meeting a fellow numbers tracker. We might be nerds, but we’re nerds with style, right? I’m running out to get a calendar right now. It kills me to start in the middle of the month, but it’ll just have to do. I hope you had a blast in Vegas and congrats on your new healthy lifestyle! You look fabulous!

  9. You stole my heart once again ๐Ÿ˜ I too am obsessed with lists and tracking and calendars for everything, non posh too. I also share your love of pen and paper. I’m in my early 30’s and so anti technology, our oldest just entered kindergarten and when I found out they were no longer teaching cursive I seriously considered home school lol. Anyway, I carry a calendar in my bag to track Posh.
    My closet is about 95% consignment, but I buy upfront and it’s my gain or loss, so I have to have a good grip on what I can offer people when they bring their items to me. I use a median number to be safe, but it’s necessary to have these numbers on hand also if I’m out at a store and see something cool. Most people I consign for just don’t want to deal with waiting for their money and want a few quick bucks to buy something new. So, it’s imperative for me to know how much I can get out, once I’m in the hole from a new client. Oh, and to keep a list of repair and cleaning costs; dry clean, tailor, cobbler, etc…
    I’m just a pen and paper girl by nature, I’ve always preferred to write than type, but keeping my records is one thing I’m steadfast on that doesn’t “have to ” go digital like so much else โ˜บ

  10. So I would say soulmates it is… I have such a business outlook overall about my closet. I have made so many significant changes from my research over the years at just studying my closet. Wow I was just having a conversation about what are the potential driving factors that get my items sold. Posh is so unique in many ways and you can actual thrive off the knowledge out there floating that gives your closet a competitive advantage. I am so techie and I will probably find a nice e calendar to suit my taste. Sometimes when thinking about the plethora of information and figuring out how to use it it can be over whelming if not organized and put in its proper place. I love to read your blog notes and love how the ideas continue to come. I and a few pffs are always sharing business strategies and trends and this helps us actualize what a true pff is. Always a pleasure to read and I will stay tuned.

  11. Elle, you are now my tracking hero. I’m am def going to start doing that. It seems Thursday morning and night and Sunday nights are big sale times for me. I ‘m not sure why, but I do know when I start dropping prices at parties my sale pick up a lot. Even if it’s just a dollar. Thank you for all of the helpful info. I really appreciate it. Happy poshing my friend…

  12. I don’t really think so. Until now, I’ve been keeping a Google spreadsheet with my earnings and using Google calendar to track sale days, where I can see sale times vs sharing strategies. I also have a notepad on my phone where I track: trends in my sales (are winter things selling in summer? do “flash sales” and other marketing terms really help boost sales? are specific brands or types or items selling faster than others? do certain types of cover shots sell better than others?); any interesting dates (host picks, closet crushes, PM shopping promos, etc.); new closets shared (I agree with you that these tend to be people who purchase more items); and my daily starting follower and share numbers.

    This helps me to “see” how much return I get from the “work” I put in. But that said, sometimes a random sale comes in overnight when I sleep and I have no idea how to track it. LoL ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your blog, I just read through all the posts and subscribed. Very inspiring!

  13. I am so glad I read this article today. I inherently knew I should be tracking my sales, and noting variables, but I have not done that to date. I started fully participating in Posh in March 2016. My attempts have been haphazard at best and rely on my memory or looking at my sales on Posh. I have no information recorded about the time of day, etc.

    I share your love of office supplies, I used to feel kind of weird, but now I am glad to know there are more like me. I look forward to the back to school sales in office supply stores. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hello Elle,
    I discovered your blog a few months ago after I first started selling on poshmark. I love this article. I too have a love of office supplies. But I have been tracking my inventory, investments, posh percentage, etc so I know what I have actually made..but I am not tracking sales. They have been spotty. Now I know how to set up a system to follow sales. This make so much sense to me. I love all of your articles. Thanks so much. Donna

  15. I Love Love Love Planning & Organizing!!! I have a question though…I dont see Suggested Users on my Andriod app., Where or how do you find this? Thank You

    1. Hey Amy! I don’t have an android but I can only assume it’s the same as iOS … Look under “Find People” … Let me know if it’s not there and I will see if I can find a friend with an android….

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