The Truth about Poshmark Host Picks


Editor’s Note: The following is my opinion, from what I have seen, heard, and personally experienced and is not based on fact.

There are several major milestones for a Poshmark Closet. Co-Hosting a Party, becoming a Suggested User, and receiving a PM Editor Share to name a few. One of the very first ones that is “easiest” to achieve receiving coveted HOST PICKS.

“What are Host Picks?” you might be asking. Host Picking is the main function of a party Co-Host.

Here is how it works

When asked to Co-Host a party, you are given the task of curating the Host Pick Showroom. You and the other hosts each get to choose 50-100 items each by “sharing” them during a Posh Party. As they are shared, they are specially showcased in the Host Pick tab of the party. Shoppers go to this area to see the best of the best and to see items that best represent the theme. Browsers looking for inspiration may search this section to find new closet to follow. Meanwhile, the Hosts get to prove that they have an eye for style. That, in a nutshell, is a Host Pick.

Benefits of Host Picks

Now, what it does for you… It gives your listing a lot of exposure, not just for that night, but you may experience a lot of “likes” and shares for the next few days. Will it sell? WELL… maybe. Some do sell that night, or in the following week, but not always. Sometimes it may help your other listings sell because you have new closet visitors. Worst case scenario you will pick up new followers. The majority of Poshers like to celebrate by putting banners up or adding HP to the title of the chosen listing. This is a personal choice. It can make that listing stand out in your closet. Personally, I rarely add it and I recommend NOT adding the pick date (When I see a Host Pick date from months prior I think “Wow- this has been sitting around since July of 2014- hmmmm”).

Receiving Host Picks

In order to receive a Host Pick, it’s important to have a little insight into what a Host is looking for… I will let you in on a few secrets that go through the mind of a Host that affect their choices (even though they may not admit it):

1) PMHQ (Poshmark Headquarters) sends an email stating the RULES when hosting is confirmed. A host is asked NOT to pick from a closet that does not follow the rules (no unsupported items, no mention of paypal for an offline transaction, and lots of hosts won’t consider a closet that trades). This is a HUGE deal because every Host is afraid that if they pick from a closet that sold a bottle of perfume, they will be banned from ever hosting again. From my  first Hosting experience, its SO hard to find 100% compliant closets- this is probably why you see the same people with closets full of Host Picks.

2) Every host wants fellow poshers to be blown away with their mad style picking skills. This said, photos are everything. You may have the most gorgeous clutch that Zara has ever stitched together- but if you have it laying on your dirty bedspread and we can see that tissue box in the photo- you probably won’t be awarded a pick. (Helpful Hint: quickly scroll through your posh feed- stop at the photos that catch your eye- analyze WHY it caught your eye and add those elements to your cover shot).

3) Then there are the obligatory Picks. Hosts will pick from their friend’s closets- this is the most common. They also have to give back and award picks to former hosts who gave them one in the past. Don’t doubt that some picks are pure strategy. One might strategically pick from a closet they want to become friends with (i.e. a “popular” closet with 323k followers would be nice to have as a sharing friend- let’s be honest).

How to get a Host’s Attention

1) Did you ask? Once a Party Announcement has been posted, it gets flooded with comments. Usually with “Congrats” and “Check out these closets…!” I will assume that the majority of the hosts will browse a few. But do you want to really get their attention? Like really? SHARE their closet. Don’t just ask, but do something nice- give them a little share bomb (15-20 shares) to get their attention. Chances are they will share back and BAM! they are in your closet! From the moment a Host gets that email, she is on the prowl, so I promise she is considering your listings (as long as the pics are fabulous).

2) Tag her in your best THEME APPROPRIATE listing. This will get her to immediately see the best of your best. If you have already been sharing her closet then she will be feeling warm and fuzzy about you and hopefully consider your listing. However, fight the urge to tag all 4 or 5 hosts at the same time- this happened to me when I hosted and I had NO CLUE if the other hosts had already considered the listing that we were all tagged in. Most Co-Hosts do not know each other and do not communicate prior to the party (or ever). Even though I am recommending to tag the host, make sure to read their Party announcement to see if they ask you to do this. While this method does not annoy me when I host, I have heard that not all Hosts respond to the tagging approach. Tag with caution.

3) Just be awesome. Master the art of the perfect cover shot, Share everyone and everything, and be the nicest Posher you can be. Eventually someone will choose your listings- but 1 & 2 will help speed up the process.

When all is said and done- None of this will guarantee you a Host Pick- it’s still up to the Host and what she likes and which 100 items she wants to showcase. I hope that this rambling of my opinions may have helped you have a bit more insight into what goes on behind the scenes and can help you put your best foot forward.

Agree or disagree? Something I forgot to mention? Feel free to leave a comment to continue the discussion!







14 thoughts on “The Truth about Poshmark Host Picks

  1. Thank you for the advice. I received two host picks tonight after congratulating the host, sharing their closets, and suggesting the most theme appropriate items in my closet. Neither item has sold, but I found a ton of great closets, got lots of shares, and gained some new followers. Your blog has been so helpful. I’m a new seller on Poshmark, and it can be exciting and overwhelming. Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for sharing!! I am new to poshmark and tonight one of my items was chosen as a host pick.. I had to google what it was LOL and found your blog, so your info was excellent and gave me inspiration to share the love to those that shared and left comments, which I didnt know was part of the game 🙂 Thanks again!!!

  3. Ok, so I read your blog post and I had to reply. Great advice! I have been fortunate enough to have had some host picks in my time. Tonight I was checking the party and the host shared 32, yes 32! Of her own listings! That for me completely ruined the party! i though PM was all about sharing and meeting people? The hosts get enough exposure just from hosting in my opinion. That was disappointing 🙁

  4. Great advice! I followed some of your tips and after several months of Poshing a few of my items were finally chosen as host picks recently! They haven’t turned into sales but I’ve enjoyed some more traffic and extra follows which is always nice. I’d love to get your opinion on responding to congratulation messages on items that receive host picks. Do you typically thank everyone with individual comments or do you just share a listing of theirs in return? I wasn’t sure of proper Posh etiquette.

  5. Your blog is great! I did exactly what you said and immediately got three hosts picks for one party..boom. I’ll keep reading if you’re posting!

  6. Just started a boutique this week. Have been working on photography and purchasing inventory but I just added listings to Posh four days ago. I used your advice and have gotten 2 HP in these last few days!!! Thank you so much, your advice is awesome!

    @daisywanderlust on Poshmark
    @shopwanderlustdaisy on Insta

  7. Hi, just read your blog, of course, and its full of great information! I have been on Posh for 3 years, I think, and made some wonderful friends. Its a social network. I have had host picks sell right away and some never sell. I like the advice on not including the date. It never occured to me that people would think that. Thanks! Oh and Shannon, some people congratulate in a mass thank you tagging all at once with a great note, and then share items in each closet. Some people thank individually, either way, although it takes time a thank you is alwaays a good idea.

  8. I see a TON of the host pick items tend to belong to the hosts…is this how it should be? It’s really discouraging to see literally dozens of items from the hosts’ closets,mwhile im trying to get them to “pick me” by sharing their listings.

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