Suggested Updates to the Suggested User Program

One of the most coveted statuses to achieve on Poshmark is becoming a Suggested User, or what most refer to as being an SU.

Here is a quick recap for those who are new users to the app:

Basics of the Suggested User Program

  • Suggested User status is given to sellers who are outstanding Poshers in the community. These users (theoretically) follow the guidelines in what they sell in their closet and how they conduct their business. That is the program in a very small concise nutshell but you can read my full commentary on the subject in this article The Real Deal: Becoming and Being a Suggested User.

The benefits are huge. If you don’t already know, having people follow your closet is key to making sales. Yes, you can have tons of sales with just a few followers, but the more you have obviously gives you more exposure.


Here are a few benefits if you are wondering if it’s worth it:

Benefits of the Suggested User Program

  • There are Users highlighted every hour in the “Find People” section of the app. If a buyer is looking for closets to follow and shop then this is where they immediately turn. Also, when you sign up with the app- you automatically follow 42 of these users.
  • If you are an SU you can post the status in your closet (by way of an announcement listing) and it sets an expectation; it’s a promise of exceptional service to your customers. Anyone who knows what the program is about assumes that they can trust you and your business practices. Typically this should prove true.
  • Meet and Greet. Every Wednesday Posh sends you a small list of new Poshers that you are encouraged to greet and welcome to the neighborhood.
  • There is a small amount of additional communication from PMHQ (Poshmark Headquarters). It hasn’t been consistent but they send out a monthly email newsletter called the SU Scoop. Sometimes it has really great info, sneak peaks to upcoming events, contests, and they will highlight amazing closets.

Here’s the Scoop…

Mentioning the SU Scoop brings me to the topic I want really want to discuss… this month’s email mentioned that there will be an update to the Suggested User program and details will be announced at this year’s PoshFest!!!

(If you want to learn more about PoshFest, you can read the details HERE)


While they do not hint at what these changes will be, nor have I heard any gossip or rumors, I want to state my opinion of what they could/should be… you know, just for the fun of it.

The Gray Asparagus Suggested Updates to the Suggested User Program

  • Verified closets. Much like Twitter or IG, I propose a badge be displayed at the top of SU closets, and not a self-made listing that we do ourselves. Look back at the image of my closet- I added a verified check mark! Let’s make it official!
  • Ability to lose status. I assume that you can lose your status now, but no one announces it. If you are not holding up your end of the bargain then your badge gets removed. Right now it’s on the honor system that you are telling the truth about being an SU. Now that we have the rules a more ironed out with the addition of Mens/Kids (i.e. Read about that HERE), we can start being strict about used makeup and curling irons. Break the rules and you lose your status.
  • Personalized closet suggestions according to your size and shopping preferences. Much like “Meet and Greet” it would be great if they suggested closets to each user that they might actually shop from; ones that carry your size and your favorite brands. Yes, followers are fantastic, but followers that might ACTUALLY PURCHASE would be priceless. Tailoring the users suggested to you would be beneficial to both buyer and seller.
  • Tiered Status. Everyone LOVES status! Most businesses who have loyalty programs have caught on that their customers want STATUS.Β  For the Poshmark overachiever (aren’t we all??) it would give us something to work toward and to strive for… It can be based on Sales #’s, customer ratings, sharing activity and so on. The benefits could be slightly different on each level; the higher the status level the more times you get “suggested.”


These last 2 suggestions I’m putting in a different section because they are quite lofty wishes…

Suggestions that are pipe dreams


  • In-app communication for quicker problem resolution. Yes, it could be a dedicated SU email address, but that could be misused. An email address could be shared with others. An in-app communication system would keep it secure and there would be a dedicated team to respond to these inquiries.
  • Lower fees. I’m not talking huge amounts, but perhaps instead of 20% commission, it could be 18% or so. I’m not asking for 5-10% because 20% is EXTREMELY FAIR. (If you know about running a website or a store on your own then you know the affiliated costs… 20% is fair)


Now we will have to wait and see what really happens and what changes are made…

Remember, the aforementioned are just fun guesses and suggestions… in no way is it factual or based on anything except my own personal thought… so if it’s completely wrong, well, it probably is!!!

What do you think they will do to update the program??? Have fun and tell us your guesses below!!!





20 thoughts on “Suggested Updates to the Suggested User Program

  1. Oh man I am glad you updated! I have noticed I have not been in rotation since last Wednesday, but have noticed the same Poshers popping up in rotation every day! I have been worried that I have done something wrong, and that they removed me. Maybe not. But I love the idea of badges!!! 😘

    1. I don’t get them either, I didn’t realize they even sent them out until after I read this blog post. I just emailed Poshmark to see if I could be added to that email distribution.

  2. I like the idea of personalized followers based on closet. From what I’ve been able to gather so far, bigger following doesn’t necessarily always mean bigger sales. I’ve found that my sales do the best when someone happens to be searching for a particular item and I happen to have it in my closet.

    Oh and I would totally love it if they would come down off that posh fee just a little more for SUs. That’s def an incentive worth exploring!

    1. That goes along with what I have always said- I would rather have 1000 dedicated shoppers who love my closet following me that a million who have never visited my closet!

  3. I’ve heard changes will be made to the SU program and announced at Poshfest. I haven’t given it all that much thought as Posh does what they want. Sometimes I feel like a rat running around in a maze of rules that simply don’t apply equally to everyone. I like your suggestions, Elle and I have nothing else to add. I only have one thing I hope is NOT added: tiering SUs. You wrote a blog post about how to determine success on Posh. I agreed wholeheartedly with that post and I don’t want Posh determining what I consider successful for me based on what another SU has decided to be their success point. Tiering by sales? No thanks! I’m never going to want to be a power seller or have a closet of more than 100 listings, however, I love my little closet, I love selling my treasures and buying others but if it effects whether I’m going to have buyers directed to me? I’m out. I like finding buyers who want MY stuff, which is different than your stuff. My buyers tend to be closer to my age than to yours & I like it that way. My buyers tend to be young at heart older women. So my tier would be decided because my buyers don’t need a dang thing. I don’t need nary another thing, but we still like a piece or two here and there. I’m still deadly serious about my Poshing but I don’t want to be required to keep up with people who consider this a business while I consider it a hobby. Tier by ratings? I haven’t had anything less than a 5 in well over a year. I credit a lot of it to still being a Type A perfectionist, part of it to dealing with way fewer young people and part of it to having the time (I’m retired) to take customer service to a level I wouldn’t have time to entertain if still working and raising a family. Plus I think the ratings system could be better explained and much more objective before I’d want to have power sellers compared to me or me to them. Do they tier by time served ?(that sounded a lot like punishment but that’s not what I mean). Uh, I don’t want to Tweet or be an IG user or be bothered with Pin interest (I just barely figure out FB…leave an old lady alone in my ignorance please! I’d like to preserve some semblence of dignity among my peers when we laugh at our kids and grands posting their lives online. Most of us really don’t care but we also don’t care if younguns care, LOL ) I don’t want to see Posh move in that direction. I see that way lead to the major demise of small businesses on Ebay. I like that we are equally respected as SUs. Sure tighten it up, make it verifiable and not a guaranteed status for life if we don’t keep up with the program. Just don’t draw lines in the sand that make SU status a class system. As always, JMHO

    1. Kaye, yeah, not sure how I would feel if there actually WAS tiered status… this compilation was not necessarily a “wish list” for me… just ramblings of potential changes I could see happening. Like you, I’m not trying to be a “power seller”, that much would probably suck the fun out of things. I have FUN and I have FUN writing this blog. As soon as the fun stops, I stop. Ya know? THANK YOU for always giving your opinion on things- you are awesome! XOXO

  4. I did have a question about SU status, it seem that any and everybody is making the announcement these days; the one that come across my feed are fairly new to Posh, 6 mos or less and really don’t do much interacting; sold a few things here and there, shared a bit, etc..
    I did see one the other day that had been on Posh several yrs, sold 3 items, and had ZERO shares. I’ve really been scratching my head over how this is done.
    I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree that the ratings system needs a revamp and an override. My few 1/2 stars have been “too tight,” “didn’t fit my body right,” or “slow shipping,” when I mailed same day and include measurements up down left and right.
    But I digress, yet I see Poshers actively on here since 2012/13 with no SU status. It is a bit confusing to the rest of us.
    Also, can boutiques become SU’s? Just curious.
    And, lastly, even though I am not one, I do think it should be giveth and taketh away…I see some SU’s with naughty items in their closet, and choosing their HP’S from other no no closets
    I wish PoshFest wasn’t so dern expensive, I’d love to go and get the scoop! So thank you Elle for keeping the rest of us up to date!

    1. Renee- whew! Ok let’s talk about this… out of all of my “suggestions” and silly “predictions” the one thing that would be helpful is the SU badge. How can you prove if you are really one? You can lie and announce it. Most SUs are lucky to be listed once a week so you rarely see most people. When I started, I did make SU in my first 6 months. I had other SUs email on my behalf to nominate me. They did not have the email address to request it back then. If I have a friend sign up for Poshmark I would tell them to immediately request status knowing that it will take a few months and by then- they will be meeting at least the minimum requirements. If someone who has been on a long time and not an SU frankly may not care about it, or they could be one and just not promote it. I do not announce it on my page- I think that my one announcement is lost somewhere in the depths of my closet πŸ™‚ I see no reason why a boutique couldn’t be one. I am hopefully that the changes being made (and announced at PF) will help clean up the system and the closets that do not actually hold up their end of the bargain. As a former host I will tell you that it is EXTREMELY difficult to go through a persons closet and make sure that they are following rules- and again- some may not care. I think I responded to everything, right? OH! RATINGS. Yeah, you know… I strive for perfection too but there are just gonna be those people who we don’t see eye to eye with…

  5. I have to agree with you and Renee’ on the SU verifiability factor. Since first quarter, not a day has gone by that I haven’t seen at least half dozen “new” SUs! There are so many, I may rotate through every 2-3 weeks instead of every week as I did previously. I’d love a badge, a check mark, anything I don’t have to maintain to show I am an SU as with many new buyers it effects whether they will purchase from you. I get a LOT of new buyers, so I keep a posting of my SU status new the top of my closet. Frankly, I’m tired of looking at that sucker, but if I drop it lower in my closet it directly effects my sales. You’re right, a lot of people don’t advertise their SU status anymore as it’s becoming as common as rice in a rice paddy. I’d like to see some clearly defined guidelines, nothing unattainable, but reasonable. This year I’ve known only 2 people to be turned down on their request for SU status and both were for the same thing: no community interaction. Prior to even thinking about becoming SU it seemed clear you had to help others in a tangible way. For over a year, I had a listing in my closet and I’d direct it at newbies called “Huh, Do What?” ( truly a quote from when I first started, LOL) It got to be over 1200 listings on 2 pages and I finally took it down this year when I started seeing intros that said: Hi, welcome to Poshmark, come check out my closet, I have 20% off bundles! I thought SERIOUSLY? LOL How is that helping a newbie navigate the Posh dos and don’ts? I spent countless hours truly mentoring people and never once asked them to come to my closet for a sale, LOL! I still welcome newbies, but I generally say hi, have a great time, buy goodies, sell your trreasures and if you have trouble, tag me up…I’m around. My sister just opened her closet and I invited veteran PFFs to go say howdy to her. They did in the traditional Hey, welcome, I’m here to help, so she only got a few of the come to my closet and look at my shoes type intros. (thank goodness). She was one of the Mom and Pop success stories on EBAY for years and then the big ballers came through and it’s not worth it anymore. I’ve told her to apply for SU status NOW and I also sent in a letter for her. By the time she gets to the 3 month min., she’s already got the current required 3 sales and there’s one more I don’t remember, if nothing changes she’ll get it. It’s darn near impossible to go thru every closet that follows you and verify compliance…I won’t live that long, LOL! Last thing? Getting to host is almost an exercise in futility these days. I haven’t wanted to until now…just didn’t want to be bothered. I got a standard letter and hopefully I’ll get chosen to host before I start not to care again. BTW, there are several boutiques that are SU. I’m just waiting on being able to see the new update. I’m one of the stepchild Android users, LOL! it’s coming and I hope it’s a good one πŸ™‚ Depending on where Poshfest is next year I’m planning on going with my sister. I was going this year and where do they have it? in LA…the only city in the US I simply dislike with a passion. So that’s a bust. Please keep us updated as you attend. Your perspective is always so unique and fun!

  6. Great post!! I agree with all of your suggestions! I also think that they need to become more strict with who they let be a SU. It bother me to no end when I see people who have been on Posh for less than 3 months, have less than 10K followers and have like 5 listings who are SU. They also need someone monitoring SU’s closets, I can’t tell you the number of SU’s closets I have seen that are selling noncompliant items. I would be happy with simply those 2 changes!!

  7. I found myself back at your post today! Does anyone know why an SU does not show up in rotation? When I first became SU, I was in rotation within a few days. Then after that, I had gotten pretty good at figuring out how it worked, and I came in rotation every 6 days. That happened 3 times. Now, I have done been in rotation in a couple of weeks. I think I counted 3 times. I emailed PM bc I was afraid they took my SU status away (and I didn’t know why..). She assured me I am still an SU. Based on how I see the system working, which basically goes by order of when you joined Posh…so I joined Sept 2015, and the rotation with the September babies was this morning…and again, I was not in it. I made a lot of sales when I did pop up on others’ suggested people to follow feed. And now, it is just blah. Might sale one thing a week, maybe 2, maybe nothing. So, any advice or answers as to why I am not coming up in rotatio ?! Thanks Elle ❀

    1. Hey Lindsey! This is the biggest mystery… I have heard about it being by date joined as well so I started looking at the dates. Its seems only the top 5 or so in the list are the same month and year. I think that you may not be being rotated as much because there are SO MANY Suggested Users now! I have gone a week or 2 without being listed and then listed 3 times in a week. One of my very best friends got SU a month before me and always had more followers- now I have 100k more than her (????). I have given up trying to figure it out… I can only assume that somehow the rotations will be different in the update they are announcing at PoshFest. Sorry I cannot be more of a help!!!

  8. I too would like to see SU status monitored. I’m not sure how long you’ve been on Poshmark Elle, ( I’m on my pc, and the ‘about’ doesn’t drop down for me to check) but it’s changed some since I’ve been on it, the wheel does primarily go by date you joined, tho usually the top 10 names may be different….I used to be on like every 2 days, now it’s once a week, sometimes they go thru a year and after December, go back a year instead of forward ( I’ve been tracking it for a long time πŸ˜‰ ) There are definitely more SU’s now, I waited til I was given the status, never asked for it, or wrote in, now, in some Facebook groups, I see girls whining and complaining after being on the app only a couple of months, about being one, writing in repeatedly and asking other people to ‘nominate’ them, I think Posh gets overwhelmed and just hands it out now. It definitely needs to be tightened up, I can’t tell if they don’t have the staff, or don’t care to do it. Are you going to Poshfest this year? Would love to see you, say hello! Love your blog, 1 of the few I read! Mkay β™ͺ ( mkaay on Poshmark)

  9. I don’t get SU emails from Posh either, but I have the SU original letter email and am addressed as “Suggested User ….”. I’ve heard about them, though. I don’t get new people suggested to me on Wednesdays, either. Oh well, who knows how it works?

  10. I totally agree on the SU verification. There really isn’t any way to know for sure if somebody is being truthful about their SU status unless you happen to see them on the SU “wheel.” I posted a screenshot of the email I got when I got the status last year, but I suppose if somebody really wanted to, they could photoshop something like that into their closet too. I’d love a little indicator at the top of my closet that showed how trustworthy I am as a seller. Similar to Ebay’s PowerSeller status. I also think that they need to have a dedicated team that is available to answer questions for SU’s quicker than the normal turnaround. Some of us do this as our regular job (I do!) and need answers fast in some cases. And totally off-topic, but when are they going to get these spammers under control again? It’s driving me insane! It’s just as bad over on Mercari and my hubby is also getting weirdo texts from his Craigslist posts. We don’t have time for this crap!! πŸ™‚

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