Week Two: the Minimalist Wardrobe

Week Two Minimalist Wardrobe


As promised, here is another update on what I accomplished in my real closet clear out.

Truly, posting about this is holding me accountable… but don’t worry, I am not going to start blogging about laundry and dusting for motivation. Yet.


My initial plan was to drag everything out of my closet by category and look at each piece and make a solid decision. When faced with starting that process, I really felt that I could do another sweep and pull straight from the clothing rod.

First off, I don’t know if you do this… but I get piles of clothing IN my closet… sometimes worn and piled up OR sometimes clean.

The clean clothes seem to accumulate because i don’t want to hassle with finding a hanger and cramming it in an already crammed area… so the piles start. I tackled that. I hung up what was clean and sorted the laundry.

Then I did another sweep of what was hanging. I easily pulled 20 more items. For a comparison… I had around 300 items hanging when I began… this doesn’t include pajamas, laundry, and other miscellaneous. These 20 items will be sold, donated, consigned etc. Surprisingly removing them it really lighten the area. However, once I finish the laundry… I will be back to where I started.

There are some pieces that I am having a hard time deciding about.

Here are just a few examples:

1. Odd and unique pieces.

This is a Zara cardigan that is so…. unique.

It is 20% awesome and 80% horrible. Will I ever wear it? Nope. Do I want to get rid of it? Nope.


2. Cardigans.

You KNOW I love cardigans right? These 3 cardigan style pieces are light in color. When I put them on, I feel like I am wearing a lab coat. BUT I LOVE THEM!


3. Things I MIGHT wear.

This is a gorgeous Kenneth Cole tunic.

This falls into a category that I call “Adult Clothes.” They are more business casual and something I need in case I need to dress like an adult. Normally I like jeans and some sort of graphic tee or slouchy/off shoulder black shirt. This tunic is easy to throw on with a pair of leggings. Soooooo… keep it, right?


Now, those are the hard decisions.

But there have been a ton of easy ones too!

  • Free People clothing. I have come to realize that while I LOVE Free People clothing… 90% of it is not my style or doesn’t fit me well. I am coming to terms that, while amazing, it’s just not for me. You may see an influx of Free People coming to my Poshmark closet!
  • Open knit sweaters. I am equally cold and hot when wearing one.
  • Polyester. I have discussed Polyester with you in the post Things I Wish I Knew about Clothing in my 20’s and I cannot wear a high polyester count in this humid southern climate. it does not work out.

These are just a few examples of the decisions I am trying to make. Not always easy, but I am very happy with having eliminated 20 more pieces.

What items or categories do you struggle with when it’s time to make a decision?












  1. I struggle with the “it doesn’t fit right now but maybe it will someday” category. Some pieces I absolutely love and it takes awhile before I can let go, even if it’s been a few years since I’ve been able to fit into them. Emotional attachment to clothing = cluttered closet.

  2. Elle,
    You are brilliant. You are funny. You are honest. Your blog might be my new addiction. It’s insightful and easy to read, and from the moment I read your confession (love to shop – can’t put together an outfit) I was HOOKED. You get me – you really get me 🙂

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