What is the Gray Asparagus?

When I get asked “What is the Gray Asparagus?” … I draw a blank. I don’t have that one line explanation or a witty quip that commands a laugh. Now, after three years of Gray Asparagus being a thing, I decided to attempt the not so interesting story of how it started and then tell you about where it’s going.

Here is the simple story…

A few years ago I was managing a small store with an even smaller staff. Naturally we were good friends and shared bits and pieces of our daily lives with each other. They knew I always have the most awkward things happen to me and I would have bizarre stories to tell. I claimed I was going to start a blog. I wasn’t. But when I declared it, I pulled a random adjective and noun out of the air. “GRAY ASPARAGUS” is what I called my fictitious blog. From then on when I would tell a story or give life advice the ladies would say “There’s another post!” or “That’s one for the Gray Asparagus.” It was our joke.

Although we were kidding, I did want to start a blog. Unsure of what I would write about, I decided to just go for it. The first thing to do was to choose a name… without hesitation, theGrayAsparagus became a thing.

While the name doesn’t make much sense (gray is one of my most favorite colors and I refuse to even TRY asparagus) I realized it could be whatever it wants to be. It would be a little space where I could talk about whatever, and if someone wants to read the words, they can.

With that said, I am going to stray from the normal subjects. Quite frankly, it’s time to retire from certain subjects.

I am going to discuss other passions and share different ideas.  It might be about books, or organizing, or other things that inspire me and in turn, perhaps inspire you. This could become short stories or a collection of interviews with women who are doing things they love… I’m not sure what it will become but there are so many possibilities.

The Gray Asparagus can be anything, and I hope you will stick around.


the Gray Asparagus


  1. What a lovely story! Much luck and success to you on continuing your passion. Personally, I love your blogs and whatever you’re writing about. 😊

  2. Best wishes! I know you will find success whenever this thing take you. I will definitely stick around! Thanks for all you have shared thus far, it has been very helpful for me personally. Blessings!

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