What Happened While I Was Gone?

As I mentioned in my last post (my first post in a year) I took a long break from Poshmark. I basically hibernated for the winter. Ok, and the Spring/Summer. I even contemplated if I wanted to turn in my keys and get rid of my remaining inventory.

I went at least 6 months without listing a single item. I would easily go 30 days without sharing. Guess what happened during that time…

absolutely NOTHING. I was shocked if I had a sale a week. At the end of June when I decided I was not, in fact, done, I started listing and sharing… sales immediately happened. Sure, I still have a day or two with zero sales (Yes, they happen!) but I also have good days too.

Coming back after what was a relatively short time, I noticed some different things about the app. Some were obvious functional differences as well as … things just felt different.

What has changed:

There are all these Markets now. I don’t remember when they launched this concept but they keep adding new ones. I would love to explain this feature to you in depth and show you how to make it work to your benefit- but I will leave that to someone else. I don’t quite understand them. I assume it’s a way to sort and maybe make shopping easier? I find myself getting stuck in the sorting and can’t find my listings. I will unknowingly be in “Women’s” market and then lose my men’s listing and they won’t get shared for days. User error I know. If I figure out “Markets” one day and how to use them for your benefit then I will talk about them.

Home, obviously. Now we are allowed to list Home stuff. I am very supportive of this. I mean, it’s always been there but now no one has to put their closet status jeopardy to sell grandma’s crystal vase. I don’t know if I will jump on board and sell home stuff. The idea of cluttering up my small living space even more… it makes me cringe. But never say never, right? I’m sure I will be testing it out soon.

Sharing feels different. I can’t quantify this one. I have just noticed that perhaps when I share my closet or share from my feed that I don’t get as much activity or share-backs as I once did. I don’t think that means it is less impactful and I am certainly going to continue to share (my own closet and others)… but I have a different expectation on how to measure my results. For more about my opinion on sharing check out this post and this post. Both are from over 2 years ago but I still feel the same.

However, the two most important things are the same… LISTING items and SHARING your listings. It’s still as simple as that. Yes, we can debate the details of brands, pricing, photos, etc. But at the core of Poshmark, those two important things remain unchanged.

How do you feel about Markets, Home, and any other recent changes to Poshmark? Comment below if you have seen any other big changes in the past few months!


Gray Asparagus


  1. I feel like what made Poshmark fun for me has changed a lot. It used to be so social–that’s how we met–but I feel like everyone now is just lowballing and not sharing. Bleh. I kind of want to quit.

    1. I’ve been selling almost 2 years now come November and in the last 3 months I’ve had 4 buyers who start with a lowball, then I counter by going down quite a lot. Then they counter $1 up! I caved the first time. Then I realized how foolish I was! Now when they start to play that game I counter with my lowest…when they do their first dollar up, I counter again with the same amount. They either decline or disappear…BUT have faith, you will get those reasonable offer type people too…I get enough of those types that restore my faith in the site and keeps me poshing along…

      1. (Oh yeah, forgot to mention but obvious, they KEEP countering up by $1 over and over again. Don’t entertain them, people! Stand your ground.)

        1. They’ll counter up $1 each time while YOU go down quite a bit EACH time. I only started encountering this type of lowballer. I don’t mind a lowball offer as long as they go up quite a bit too, and we meet in the middle. As a buyer myself, I might also occasionally start with a lowball offer to see if the seller is sick of the item and just wants it gone. But I’ll go up, and if the seller is adamant about a certain amount, I understand and I’ll purchase it at their lowest.

  2. I think ‘room markets’ is redundant…it’s devolving into ebay, yet still no vintage or Unisex for clothing….I can’t stand a cluttered feed..I filter everything to women’s and go from there…..I am starting to cross-post more now on other sites…

  3. I got disgusted & left. It’s no longer a special market. What was a place for women’s fashion is now nothing but a giant yard sale.
    If you’re buying you can find lots of $5 deals. Not good if you’re a seller. Prices are dropping because people are just desperate to make sales. Sellers are offering free shipping which is fine, but where once it would be for example free shipping for purchases of $50 or more is now for any 2 items. I bought a brand new mini mixer & tapas bowls with a tray. The final cost was $8 & free shipping. You know that seller lost money!
    As a buyer the extra charges over all aren’t worth it to me either. By the time the ever increasing shipping charges & now tax ends up costing me more than going to Target. In my state there’s no tax on clothing.
    The final straw for me was household items. At yard sale prices it’s devalued a lot of better closets.
    I know it sounds like I’m being a hypocrite but I’m really not. When I told Poshmark I was I was closing my store they offered me $25 in credit to “give it another try”. They offered it so sure I’ll take it. I used it & got a several kitchen items & a brand new all leather laptop bag. The bag itself was worth far more than $25. The items were bought from 3 different sellers, all at a steal & with free shipping.
    I donated all of my items, more than $1000 worth to a Church for their scholarship fund. They made more money from the donation than I would have on Poshmark.

    1. I definitely noticed prices dropping especially when I periodically investigate the Sold listings of a particular brand & style. I have gotten a lot of great deals because of this, but it hurts the overall value and expectation of what something is worth. However, with that said, I get enough random buyers who buy straight out (my asking price) OR make quite a reasonable offer, that it restores my faith and keeps me going.

      Perhaps @grayasparagus can write on topics such as this, especially when it comes to the offer to likers button, closet clear outs, etc. Some people use the offer to likers button so quick, sometimes I’m guilty of it, but I realize if I just hold off, someone will come by and make a reasonable offer, and I make MORE $ instead of immediately lowering and offering and lowering. Also, @grayasparagus, write about re-listing! People should do it more often. I had a pair of Nikes I kept lowering and making offer to likers after offer to likers, practically about to give them away. Then I deleted it and relisted them, and in a couple days, someone made me a reasonable offer on my new and improved original listing price! That happened when I first started selling, I had a Banana Republic sweater gone down to the single digits, and when I heard about relishing, I did it, and the sweater sold to a new posher at my listing price of $40. Relist, relist, relist, and resist the urge to keep lowering.

  4. I feel like adding in the home items is like a eBay as well. I loved just the fashion concept. People are pushing the home stuff and adding things that are not home stuff if you know what I mean …videos crappy stuff. The limit is being pushed.

    I have a lot of stuff I haven’t sold in awhile so I don’t want to buy more inventory… my thinking is once that inventory is gone then I’m selling in a more strict way with what I pick ….id like to profit more on each item. I did find a couple of cute things at Goodwill the other day but my excitement to list I have to get back to.

    Someone said about the offers EXACTLY I add in good condition girls shoes like 6 7 pair to get rid of (all pairs together boxed up) … just to get rid of them for a friend make maybe $5… once said and done … she offers me $5…. haaa I make what a $1. Haaa ughhh.

  5. I like the home market! I already bought some mouse pads, a sherpa blanket, and I’m considering some desk organizers. I’ve also sold a brand new simple human paper towel holder and a brand new ironing board cover that didn’t fit. For the most part I don’t feel like it’s a garage sale because I’ve perused the home market and there’s some high end name brands and items people are selling. Some amazing vintage stuff, too.

    As far as the markets in general, I got confused, too. So, on my iPhone where I do most of my listing and wheeling and dealing, I never touch it, it’s set to All. On my iPad where I do only sharing, I like to keep it on Women’s market because that’s what I like sharing. It’s so pretty, oh so pretty looking at all the women’s listings on my iPad! I think the Markets feature is mostly to lure new people visiting the site. I rarely use it (except Home, recently)… I use the tried and true search engine.

  6. I’m currently on a long “hiatus” from Poshmark. I joined way back in August 2013, so made the 6 year mark. But I’ve been dealing w/stage 3 ovarian cancer for over 3 years now and all during chemo treatments, etc. I just couldn’t keep up or stay focused on Poshing at all despite still making sales. Obviously my illness is front & center and Poshmark has taken a huge back seat. I recall the “good ole days” when it was just an app w/women’s apparel to re-sell or to buy great quality items here & there. That’s when I made most of my “PFF” connections and am glad for that part of it. The changes started about 3 years ago when they started to give the huge “boutique” high volume closets lots of attention and all the wholesalers monopolized the site. That’s when it REALLY changed. Not knocking those closets at all bc Poshmark is all about making $$$ and if those accounts keep their bottom #’s stable then I get it. I’m currently in remission with my illness but hubby & I decided to focus on long overdue home renovations which start in September to last thru end of year. I’m glad to see you took some time off to re-evaluate whether Posh was going to work out for you as I know you’ve been on a long time too. I agree with just about everything you mentioned. Time will tell if Poshmark’s expansion into other markets is successful. Back in the day, I used to get sales almost daily and a lot of bundles. This past 9-12 months, sales started to decline. Listings got stale and re-listing helped sometimes to reboot a sale or 2. If one is active, I’ve always endorsed listing almost everyday and sharing your own closets at least 3x a day. I found share groups to be a waste of time (my personal opinion, although maybe productive for some??) I just donated 2 large bags of very nice & practically new quality clothing that I could’ve saved to list but I couldn’t handle anymore clutter! I also lost over 30 lbs. bc of the cancer so my sizing wa all over the place. I wish you luck as you continue…..
    PS. Always enjoy reading your blog posts😉

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