What’s REALLY in My Bag

Contents of my Handbag



There is an overwhelming obsession in magazines and blogs to find out “What’s in her bag!” Typically it is a celebrity or other woman-of-the-moment.
I can remember being in high school and reading Seventeen Magazine (or was it YM?) and there was a supermodel who was sharing the contents of her bag. Unfortunately I have no clue who it was. What stuck out to me was how vastly different her bag was from my own. She had chapstick (check!) , a wallet with important cards (check!), a disc-man and favorite CDs (hmmmm), and a white t-shirt (WHAT??). She went on to describe that of course she needed that white t-shirt because you never knew when you needed a white t-shirt. The shirt she had was probably worth more than my whole purse and contents. I wanted to be that cool but couldn’t bring myself to actually stick a white t-shirt in my bag. sigh.
I didn’t need a white t-shirt.

Now years later, I am an adult and that “bag contents” phenomenon is EVERYWHERE (Too bad YM isn’t- that was a great magazine).

I feel compelled to expose the contents of my bag.

Here it is…. What is in MY bag:


  • 13 lips glosses. I start out with one but as the days go by, I throw in more.
  • 7 + pens. Same reason aforementioned.
  • My wallet.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Gum.
  • Receipts. Approximately 27 of them.
  • Loose change. I am too lazy to actually put it in my wallet.
  • Gum wrappers.
  • 1 lip liner. (There it is! I was effing looking for that!)
  • A Starbucks napkin.
  • 3 coupons I forgot to use that are now expired.
  • My filofax. Yes, I use a planner. One with paper pages. I like pages, and pens, and highlighters.










I know that this list is not as compelling as what you would find featured in a glossy magazine. I also am sure that this does not inspire you to go shopping for ANY of my contents (I do, however, recommend the Sharpie Pen and the Urban Decay lipstick).

But its real. I would dare say that most of you have similar contents.

I have posted this photo on my Instagram @thegrayasparaus with the hashtag #whatsREALLYinMyBag

Let’s have fun and see what YOU really have in your bag!




  1. Love what you have in your bag. So realistic!…I learned to keep my bag organized! As years passed I realized that keeping receipts serves no purpose, I through them away almost automatically ( for restaurants, gas stations, groceries etc) Coupons, I keep then in my my app RetailmeNot, super useful. For makeup I have a very small makeup bag, I buy all makeup travel size, that’s pretty much what you need when you go out and also, that’s the size of life usage of the makeup because they should be replaced every 6 months. Travel size is very useful and saves you money. My wallet has all my credit cards, insurance info and well money..sometimes…. I had the same one for 7 years…I bought a very strong one that will last forever. I also have four different bag organizer bags that you can put inside your purse with every compartmentalized pocket inside. Extremely useful. I hate bags that are rabbit holes and you cant never find anything inside, pockets inside your bags are essential. I hate to loose stuff inside my bag…so organization is key.

  2. This is a great post! I love that your purse is so realistic lol! Upon reading this I evaluated the contents of mine and realized that I may have a pen problem myself 🙂 I’m a sucker for office supplies. BTW if you’re a fan of a real paper agenda check out Erin Condrin Planners. They are kind of amazing and I’m trying to come up with a reason for needing one!

    1. Also on Etsy checkout Plum paper designs. I was recommended Erin Condon but needed more and wanted more specific items and pages and so forth. I LOVE my planner I was able to really create and make my own!! Love this bc I have a gazillion pens and such. I am also addicted to small organizational bags myself. I have too many!!

  3. It’s always fun to get a glimpse into a person’s life, especially one you admire. Just like you I LOVE office supplies. I always have a ton of pens (red ones especially…🙋 teacher!) and chapsticks/Lipglosses. I didn’t know about the Sharpie pen (getting it today!) & what color UD lipstick? I collect makeup too 😁. Great post Elle! 💓

  4. My purse is actually one that is also a backpack .. I’m on crutches right now. I have my supply of pens, wallet with cc, receipts, gift cards and those ‘save money’ cards. Some coins at the bottom, comb, phone, scratch pad, Excedrin, a few appt cards (already in my phone)… Much neater than my regular purse would be. Now that I read on my phone no need for a book like I use to have.

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