Your First Week on Poshmark

Your first week on Poshmark


So you have downloaded the Poshmark App … now what?

This is a question that seasoned Poshmark users get asked daily… with good reason! It can be overwhelming and downright confusing! I had a friend who introduced me to Poshmark and the basics on how it works… I think I stared at the app for a week before listing something. After reading everything I could about it and all the fine print, I gave it a shot.

Then, eventually,  I had a couple of super friendly users take me under their wing and answer questions along the way.

The rest was trial and error. As you read my blog posts you will find they are mostly tales of mistakes I have made and lessons I have learned.

Here is a quick and simple 5 step guide for your first 7 days…

I hope you read the guidelines in the menu portion of the app. I know, the fine print isn’t the most fun to read, but DO IT. You need to know the rules, trust me.

Let’s get to it:

5 Step Guide to your First Week on Poshmark

A simple guide to jump start your closet in the first 7 days



Step 1: Set up your MEET THE POSHER listing.

This listing is made automatically for you with a generic format. Edit this with the photo you want and a few words about yourself- this will let people know that you are active on the app and ready to sell. Even if you plan on only buying at first- sellers like to know about their customers. This is a very social app!


Step 2: Start Listing.

The Poshmark app is very user friendly and will guide you. Take a couple of photos and accurately describe your items. If you ignored my earlier suggestion to read up on the rules … now is the time. It’s not that Poshmark doesn’t want you sell what you have laying around- some items you cannot ship through USPS- so make sure you are compliant! Examples of items you cannot list : Household items, nail polish, perfume, flat irons, books, and video games. NO, it’s not illegal to ship a DVD, but you cannot ship nail polish or other flammables though USPS Priority Mail (which is the only way you can ship through Poshmark). Find another app for those and ship appropriately. Plus, you want to make sure that you are not infringing on copyrights and stuff. Here is a link to Poshmark blog with a brief overview of listing rules click HERE.

I recommend listing as much as possible with a broad range of brands… the more you have listed, the more chances are that someone will find you through a search.

Step 3: Start following people.

Now that you have a couple of items listed…

Start following people! Follow Suggested Users (under the “Find People” section) to get started. You can also follow the closets that they follow. Why? When you follow someone- they usually follow back. Followers are key because when you “share” they are the people who see your listings in their newsfeed.

Go to your Main Menu > Find People

There you will find the Suggested Users (these are featured closets that have achieved that status basically by being outstanding community members.

Also, you can find new closets and people in your area.

Step 4: Share your closet.

After you get a few followers…

Share your closet. Hit the little share button and it goes out to your followers. If they “share” it- then it goes to their followers! After you share your closet a bit- go to the news feed and share listings of closets that you follow. They will typically share back (maybe not right away but most people get around to it). Again, it’s going to go to their followers, that’s what you want!

You will get alerts for virtual parties, there are 3 parties every day with particular themes. When ever possible- share your appropriate items to those parties because you will reach all the users shopping these parties!

Step 5:

AVOID these common Newbie mistakes.

Trading- while it’s not “against” the rules- its an easy way to be scammed (items never being shipped, not as described, etc)  and Poshmark does not “protect” you or reimburse your account if something goes awry.

Going off grid and accepting payments through PayPal (This IS a violation of rules if not paid through the app and you can run into the same problems as with trading).

Making comments on others listings to “come visit your closet” or saying “I have this is my closet too!”  Both examples are considered advertising your closet and it’s not ok.

Don’t be “helpful” and comment on prices of other people’s listings (i.e. “I saw this at T.J. MAXX for $7 !!!)  If you ACTUALLY want to purchase it- submit an offer. If you found it cheaper somewhere else- GO BUY IT THERE. Let the seller do their thing. Quite frankly, it’s a jerk move. You will feel the same once you start listing and selling 🙂


Other Tips:
  • Be patient! the first sale is always the hardest to make. It took me 2-3 weeks to make my first sale.
  • Like with most social media sites- if you want to address someone- you have to use the @ symbol before the closet name.
  • When in doubt- Ask someone! If you don’t have a friend or a PFF, just do a “tips” search and you will find tons of listings from Poshmark users who want to help! They can give you advice or explain things like “making an offer” or “bundling.”
  • If there is something specific to your account, like payment issues, or general questions- reach out to Poshmark Support. (email, there is no phone #)
  • Have fun!

If you aren’t having fun, you aren’t doing it right!

REPEAT STEPS 3 & 4 DAILY (follow and share)



Do you want to be a PRO right out of the gate?

Here are a few ways to step up your game immediately!
  • Get your photos right from the beginning! Here is my post that explains your secret weapon “Natural Lighting.”
  • Ship your sales in cute packaging. You don’t have to spend much, get tissue paper, cute tape, note cards- or make your own!
  • PROMOTE the heck out of your closet. If you don’t want to use your personal social media for your business- set up a separate account on Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, etc and start sharing your listings there too! There are special Poshmark Contest/Challenges from time to time on Instagram and you definitely want to participate.


Feel free to ask any questions in the comments OR if you have advice you want to add, please do!

Good Luck!



(This post was updated on 2/8/2017 to reflect previous changes to what we can list on Poshmark}



14 thoughts on “Your First Week on Poshmark

  1. I’m not really a newbie anymore but I didn’t know about using the Meet the Poster button so I had made my own that probably no one could find. I always find your blog helpful and enlightening, thank you! @zeldamc

  2. Hey! I can’t even tell you how wonderful and helpful your blog has been! I stumbled across it on Pinterest while frantically trying to figure out just what in the heck I was supposed to do during my first week of poshmark. My first question is, how am I supposed to keep my closet organized? I mean, once an item sells, it just hangs out there in the middle of my closet making it messy and I have to figure the whole thing out again to get it down to the bottom. I am sure that there is a completely reasonable and easy way to do this, but it is beyond me to figure it out. Also, I should mention that I do my posting on my iPhone and not on a laptop. Is that my problem? Also, why does everyone leave all of their sold items in their closet? Why don’t they delete them once the transaction has been completed? If you could clear those two questions up, I would be forever grateful! Thanks! Kyli @kyliolise

    1. Hi Kyli!Great questions! I will start with the “sold” listings… they are permanent, as are all comments! It’s a running history of your transactions. Most people move sold listings to the bottom. You do this by “sharing” everything but your sold listings. What ever you “share” goes to the top of your closet, sharing must be done 1 item at a time. Let me know if that helps! You can only do posting through mobile devices (ipad included) but you can share from a regular computer.

  3. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for your blog. I am a Posh newbie and been going crazy this past week since posting a few items. Wondering what to do next. Always feel like I’m missing some steps in the whole process. You have cleared things up. Love reading every tid bit of information you’ve put out there. Thank you again.

  4. Hi Elle,

    Thanks for your incredibly helpful blog! I’m trying to navigate the Poshmark process and have had two issues arise that I’d love your input on:

    1. I listed a Lululemon bra in my closet for a friend of mine who told me it was a size 4. I sold the bra as a size 4 and received feedback from the buyer that the bra was actually a size 6 (I neglected to even look for the size dot, because I assumed my friend knew the correct size). The buyer accepted the sale but gave me 3 stars and feedback that the item was ‘not as described’. I felt really bad and posted this message “Please feel free to return the bra for a full refund. I am so sorry it was listed as the wrong size. I posted it for a friend and didn’t realize that the size she told me wasn’t the size of the bra, nor did I bother to look for the size dot. Big mistake. I want you to love what you buy from me and I’m happy to help resolve this any way I can.” The buyer hasn’t responded so should I just assume that this isn’t as big of a deal to her as it is to me?

    2. Another similar situation but not as frustrating: I sold a dress that turned out to be a little different than a picture of a very similar but dress I had posted from the retailer (along with the shot I took myself). The buyer was very nice and explained what had happened and is currently working with Poshmark support to return the order.

    I hate that I have buyers that were not satisfied and wonder if everyone makes these kinds of mistakes starting out. Is it just a matter of learning the process or is there something you’d suggest I do to safeguard against these mistakes other than slowing the F&*$ down?? 🙂


    1. Hey Chloe! Here is my opinion on your situations: regarding the first one- if the size was different than what was listed- she had every right to report as not described and would have been given a label from Posh to return. She chose not to. You are all good and just shake off the 3 stars- most of us have them! It’s a learning experience and I bet you never make the same (honest) mistake again! As for the second situation- I ALWAYS advise to Not to use Internet/stock photos. It can be a copyright infringement and also, it isn’t always a clear representation of the item. In the beginning, it really can be trial and error. But as long as you learn from things that arise- it will make you a better seller! Trust me, this blog is mostly comprised of things I have learned from mistakes I have made 🙂 if you have any questions or need advice in the future- please feel free to reach out! Hope that helps Xoxo

  5. Such great advice! Thank you! I think I’m going to cull through my closet and remove the Internet/Stock images. It’s definitely the easy (read: lazy) way to have attractive images of garments. I guess I’ll need to brush up on my photography skills! Really appreciate your time and help!

  6. Thanks so much for tips/ advice. I need to read thru again. I’m three days in and slightly overwhelmed! No problems listing n have a small decent looking closet so far but wasn’t prepared for all the “likes” didn’t know that’d happen! Hundreds! I’m now systematically following them. Takes time. Some share an item of mine. Another “OMG moment! How to say thanks. But you say share back. Ok I’ll do that. Don’t no squat yet but read all I can. I started out as a big purchaser!! Already 6 or 7 buys. It’s addictive! Now to sell! Thanks for all yr good advice @Victoria’s closet

  7. Hi Elle! I have been reading up on how to create the Meet Your Posher listing. When I read listings created be other poshers, they follow a generic format of “some of my favorite brands are…feel free to leave a comment so I can check out your closet too..” Based on this, I was under the impression that there was a premade Meet the Posher and I just needed to fill in my name, photos, and fav brands. My belief was further supported by your description above. However, when I tried to follow the steps laid out by Poshmark, nothing auto populated and I was left on my own to make a regular listing. Am I missing something, or is everyone copying this generic format verbatim ?! I’d love your thoughts. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Lori! Not 100% sure… The meet the Posher was added long after I joined. When it originally started it pre-populated but I couldn’t tell you the steps to setting it up- but sounds like it has probably changed!

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